Primal Lamb Stew… Time for one more stew before spring 

A good warm lamb stew to keep winter out and warm you from inside. I use lamb neck fillet because if you cook it long and slow it becomes meltingly soft and has a good flavour. I used a kilo and the butcher sliced it  for me into one inch slices. Not cheap, but it did six meals and was so good! By the way, the longer you leave it before eating it, the better it gets!

I started by sautéing some onion, garlic, mushrooms, chillies and small diced ginger in the casserole. I made a bouquet garnis with celery and whatever herbs I could find in the garden. There are still herbs even at the end of a UK winter – parsley, rosemary, sage and winter savoury.


The lamb was roasting and browning in a very hot oven until the flavours of the onion and mushrooms and ginger were developed. Then combine .

Meat meets herb flavour!!


I then added some of the best lamb stock ever – thanks to my butcher for the lamb bones – and of course some red wine. Look how strong and solid it is.



Next come some winter root vegetables, just what ever you want. I had swede and carrot.


Then cook long and slow. I cooked it in the oven for four hours at 145C.


And here it is with roasted black kale. Sorry about the messy presentation, I was hungry and it was delicious!!


Primal winter lamb stew. You are welcome 😊


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