Finally!!! U.K. Budget announces sugar tax.

Let’s see how this develops…

“Osborne announces a new £520m levy on sugary drinksOsborne turns to child health.

A child age five eats their body weight in sugar every year, he says.

He says some manufacturers are addressing this. Industry can act and, with the right incentives, it will.

He says is is not prepared to do nothing.

A sugar tax to be introduced on the drinks industry. It will be introduced in two years time, so they have time to change. There will be two bands. Pure fruit juices to be excluded.

The government will consult on this, he says.

He says manufacturers can choose if they want to pass the price onto consumers.

Sugar levy to raise £520m.

Money to be used to double the amount of money spent on sports in schools. And schools will be able to apply for money to extend the school day, with more sports activities. One quarter of schools will get help. But that is just the start, Osborne says.”


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