A quick post from the Austrian Alps…

… where I am on holiday.

A new piece of research that may be not that surprising but is worth a read in my view. 

Documents recently discovered by a researcher from the University of San Fransico reveal that as long as 50 years ago the sugar industry was funding research to deliberately down play the role of sugar in heart disease.

Marion Nestle, a nutrition, food studies and public health professor at New York University, said the food industry continues to influence nutrition science, in an editorial published alongside the JAMA report.


At the same time, John Yudkin was being ridiculed by the scientific establishment for suggesting that it was not fat but sugar that was causing an increase in coronary heart disease. An increase that is continuing to this day but now accompanied by an explosion in Type 2 diabetes. Dietary fat does not cause diabetes, sugar does.


Once in a while.

Every once in a while you deserve something special. Something indulgent. Something that isn’t about thinking about what it is but just thinking that it’s nice. You like it. Food is the same, I think. Every once in a while you should have something that is just simply nice. Indulgent. Sumptuous. Like chocolate pots!!!

This recipe courtesy of the righteous Jamie Oliver. The ingredients are simplicity itself. The best dark chocolate you can find. At least 70% cocoa but to make it paleo, I am using 85% here. Warning, the higher the cocoa content, the stiffer the final chocolate pot. 100% cocoa sets like concrete!

200g chocolate, half a pint of cream, 2 egg yolks, 20g butter, 3 tablespoons of brandy. In this picture I am also adding in almond butter to give an almond favour. I have used the brandy to thin the almond butter so it will stir in smoothly.

Then making it is easy too. Heat the cream to just below boiling. Break in the chocolate and stir until smooth. Beat in the egg yolks. Stir in the almond butter/brandy mix if you are using it or the brandy if not using the almond butter. Leave for 2 minutes to cool slightly before stirring in the butter to make it shiny. Pour into small serving dishes. You don’t need big portions so I use espresso cups. This amount will make six big servings (too big really) or 12 sensible servings. 

My raspberries are just starting to be ready so I added a few…

And I served it topped with cream…

Just to be clear, this recipe has nothing to do with losing weight. It has almost no sugar in, it is just about paleo, but mostly it is just nice. No it’s more than nice, it’s pretty close to divine! Enjoy, every once in a while 🙂