Insulin, insulin, insulin.

The more I study my interest in paleo, the more I hit up against insulin and the more I read about insulin and its implication in so many disease states, the more I am convinced that the over-production of insulin is  villain in the piece. I am also convinced that it is the abandonment of an a genetically optimal way of life that causes this over -production or hyperinsulinaemia.

I find it compelling that my clients, being the group that they are, often exhibit the disease states that may have an insulin component, whether it be high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome or simple straight forward obesity. When I think about what they tell me about their families I see yet more insulin implicated conditions. Remember, you can consume far too much carbohydrate and not be fat and you can have normal fasting blood glucose and still have hyperinsulinaemia.

If you are not sure what an excess of insulin over a long period of time could do to your health, here is a post from Tuit Nutrition. It may make you think about changing your breakfast cornflakes for bacon and eggs.


Type 2 diabetes used to be a disease of late middle-ageĀ 

Now it appears that three year olds can develop it…
Interestingly, the doctor says (I assume it was the doctor) that the child’s diet was high in calories and fat. Why is he talking about fat, which has no effect on insulin at all, and not making any mention of carbohydrates (especially sugar) which is most probably the cause of the diabetes.

Anyway, I am glad the little girl is cured. Type 2 diabetes is a curable disease. With a hat tip to The Diet Doctor, here is a cartoon from Dr Ian Booth (The Banting Doctor!!)