The “Whole30 is an extremely restrictive diet…” Right.

The doctors tell us…

Whole30 the worst diet

“…if you were considering trying the Whole30 diet, you might want to think again.

Whole30 is an extremely restrictive diet that you follow for 30 days – the plan requires cutting out sugar, alcohol, gluten, grains, dairy and legumes, but rather than focussing on weight loss, it’s all about resetting your relationship with food and – supposedly – changing your life.”

So 23 days into the Whole30 and what on earth have I been eating on this “extremely restricted” diet?

Well I had some burgers and salad made with grass fed ground steak with avocado

wp-1485079873397.jpg and salad.

Then I had some lamb stew


made with bone broth and root vegetables. Oh and then I had this


Porchetta… pork belly stuffed with delicious herbs.

Yes, if you were thinking about the Whole30, you may want to think again. But then again, you might not…

And what about my weight? My report will come at the end of the 30 days. Now I’m off to eat my turmeric roast chicken and squash. So very restricted…

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How to tell if your body is burning fat for fuel…

… and let’s face it, apart from surgery, there is only one way to get rid of unwanted body fat and that’s to burn it as fuel. 

So orthodox medical opinion will tell you that the way to burn body fat as fuel is to restrict what you take in as fuel through your mouth. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But is it true? Hmm… that’s more tricky… let’s look at the evidence… except there isn’t any.

Of course we can all point to a starvation situation and say “Well that’s a calorie restricted diet and these dying people are clearly not overweight…” but no one is suggesting that people that want to lose weight should commit suicide. Clearly that would be pointless. So what’s the evidence that calorie restricted diet activates fat burning in the human body? As far as I can discover, none, nix, nada.

Where’s my evidence that my diet, be it paleo or Whole30 burns fat as fuel in my body. It’s here:

My ketostix from today. The more purple it is, the more fat is being burnt for fuel in my body. I don’t calorie restrict. I eat as much as I want and I am still burning off my unwanted body fat. In my experience, losing unwanted body fat is nothing about how much you eat, it’s all about what you eat. 

Whole30 is ranked the worst fad diet, health experts reveal

From the same people who brought you 50 years of weight gain, increasing heart disease and now a global obesity and diabetes catastrophe… 38 “diets” ranked in order of how closely they fit in with their orthodoxy. Surprise, surprise, the less you look like them, the less they like you.

Whole30 is ranked the worst fad diet

I am proud to say that the man who saved my life – Dr Atkins – is coming in at 35/38; the food that keeps my weight stable and healthy and lets me go for hours and hours without feeling hungry – the paleo “diet” – is one below at 36/38; and the Whole30 – that resets my relationship with food once a year and I am using right now – is right there at the bottom at 38/38.

Just in case you have forgotten what the established medical opinion has done for obesity rates over last few decades…


So there we have it. Despite the fact that it has manifestly done nothing to prevent a worldwide catastrophe over the last 50 years, orthodox medical opinion will brook no dissent. Here is a picture of a bear in the woods.


Thanks Docs.

1 January 2017

Another Whole30 starts today aiming to lose about 10lbs in a month eating food like this …

Check out Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s website firm the links aside. 

Updates during the month. Happy New Year!