“National emergency” becomes national joke as childhood obesity strategy is kicked into the long grass. 

It’s only three weeks since the UK Secretary of State for Health declared, seven years after a report was published saying that childhood obesity was out of control, that childhood obesity was a “national emergency”. So you might think that, in the face of this emergency, that the government might have an idea, or a plan or something. Anything. Well now we know, they have nothing. Nix, nada…

The childhood obesity strategy is delayed until “the summer” – it will never see the light of day – and the tax on sugar looks to be abandoned. Big food wins again at the cost of people’s health. More obesity, more diabetes, more insulin and other drugs prescribed and health service budgets drained away and more limbs amputated. Good job.

Here is the start of the horror to come. Hospital admissions for children to have their decayed teeth removed are rising at an alarming rate in the UK.

This is children whose teeth are so severely decayed that that have to go to hospital for surgery to have them removed. We know what causes dental decay in children. It’s sugar. No ifs, no buts, no dodgy data or equivocation, it’s sugar.

If the UK Health Secretary can’t find enough evidence to link sugar to obesity and diabetes (and why can’t he???)  at the very least he could try to save some childrens’ teeth!! 


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