A cup of tea flavoured sugar

The full horror of what is being sold as tea  etc. is revealed today by Action on Sugar here:


The worst offender is (as usual) Starbucks whose hot mulled fruit drink (what on earth is that?) comes with a mind-blowing 99g or 25 teaspoons of sugar!!! Imagine stirring 25 teaspoons of sugar into a cup of tea!! 

Starbucks’s response to coming top of the poll of sugar poisoners was so perfunctory as to be hilarious:

“Earlier this year we committed to reduce added sugar in our indulgent drinks by 25% by the end of 2020.”

The end of 2020? Why does it take four years to stop opening a bottle of sugar syrup and pouring it in people’s tea. Get real Starbucks and stop giving people diabetes, and while you are at it, pay some tax.


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