The Whole 10 experiment continues with everything in my life remaining as it was and just the diet changing. I am four days in now and had a great work out yesterday. I was pleased to discover yesterday that after a few weeks of a strange pain free “injury” which lost me 30kg off my machine chest press, almost entirely on my right side, I am back to within 5kg of my 5 rep max of 105kg which indicates to me that my body is still building muscle rather than tearing it down for gluconeogenesis.

Ketosis is fully established now as shown by my ketostix. I am not eating a huge amount of fat.


After 4 days my weight is 4lbs down on the start of the 10 and 5lbs down on where it was a week ago today. I sincerely doubt it will continue at a pound a day and most of the 4lbs is probably water but we will see. 6 days to go.


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