Whole 10 Completed

My Whole10 plus intermittent fasting (otherwise known as skipping breakfast) finished last night although I am expecting my weight to continue to drop for probably another 48 hours. Let’s see.

My reflections are that mainly that I didn’t notice much difference overall. I slept a bit better and woke up more easily in the morning. I was hungry by the time my evening meal came around and most evenings I ate earlier than my usual 8pm by up to an hour. My fasted work outs were not an issue with sprint patterns, LISS, resistance and flexibility all feeling slightly better and more enjoyable. My machine chest press is back to a 5 rep max of 105kg so I don’t think I have lost muscle.

My weight was 12 stone 8lbs(176lbs, 80kg) this morning down from 13 stone (182lbs, 82.7kg) ten days ago. That compares well to my usual non-intermittent fasted Whole30 I do in January in a third of the time. Also I went down a notch on my belt, which is about an inch and my clothes are noticeably looser, particularly my trousers.

In terms of food, breakfast was coffee, black and fairly strong. Lunch was 100g of protein if some sort (usually leftovers) and 100g of sauerkraut.


Dinner was simply a Whole30 compliant meal. Last night was lamb chops, avocado and salad.


Overall, pretty successful and not overly challenging. However a word of warning… I DO NOT suggest doing this unless you are already fat/keto adapted. You need to rapidly raise your fat burning to accommodate the IF and fasted work outs and if your body is not able to do that it will just go into “starvation mode”.


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