Carbohydrates and Health – the SACN report.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition’s report on Carbohydrates and Health was published last Friday.

It’s 384 pages long so not for the faint-hearted. The most news-worthy thing so far seems to be that the excessive consumption of sweetened drinks contibutes to type 2 diabetes…

Maybe the journalist had only got to page 2 of the report when they wrote the article 😉 

I will have a look and see if there is anything more interesting to report. Anyway my n=1 experiment with a Whole 10 continues. I have been in fairly strong ketosis for the 48 hours that I have been “Whole10-ing” with no obvious effects except I am hot (as in temperature!) but that could be the weather. 1lb off in 48 hours. 

PS An update after 5 minutes. My apologies to the journalist, it’s not on page 2 it’s on page 3…  


One comment on “Carbohydrates and Health – the SACN report.

  1. trilady says:

    Hehe what did the journalist do to you? ;o) Following the Whole 10 experiment with interest

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