A Whole 10.

The first day of a Whole 10 over and apart from sleeping like a log (no alcohol last night?) and being a pound lighter (probably caused by dehydration after leading two back to back HIIT classes at the gym last night) I don’t feel any different from usual. 

Along with the Whole 10 auto-immune exclusion diet I am also intermittently fasting between my evening meal and lunch. I hope to strip out some fat from some stubborn areas. We will see how things develop.

I don’t expect to get “hangry” as I don’t often feel hungry and I think I have pretty good blood glucose control by now but here is an interesting article from the Independent this morning on the mechanism that appears to associate hunger with anger of relative severities. Something of which I think diabetic people are well aware.


So, just for the record, starting weight was almost exactly 13 stone (182lbs, 82.7kg) which is a few pounds heavier than usual for me. We will see what is achievable in 10 days.

If you are not sure what the Whole 10 (or 30) is, follow the Dallas and Melissa Hartwig link at the side.


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