Over 150 years of the same message… maybe, at last, people are listening? 

From 1863 (William Banting) Do you Bant? to 2017 (Gary Taubes) via Captain TL Cleve, John Yudkin and Nina Teicholz How Did We Get Here?, people have been documenting the detrimental effect sugar has on our health. However, for the past 40 years the advice from most official sources was that it was saturated fat that was the enemy, sugar intake was only relevant as a source of calories and weird, highly processed seed oils were positively good for us.

How this advice has managed to persist without a robust scientific basis against all of the available evidence of increasing levels of obesity and diabetes and now a global health crisis in human health will be something that future generations will discuss at length and in awe of our seeming inability to see what is in front of our noses. Always of course assuming there are some future generations.
Let’s take a hopeful view that there will be such generations holding those discussions. In which case, Gary Taubes has very helpfully set out one side of the argument for them… the case for the prosecution of sugar as a criminal addition to the human diet that is as poisonous as it is unnecessary.

He carefully sets out the way in which the sugar industry has sort to influence the medical and political consideration of sugar as a food, drug or health damaging additive to our diet and use its financial muscle as a potent influence.

A recommended read, particularly the sugar/tobacco link.


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