How to tell if your body is burning fat for fuel…

… and let’s face it, apart from surgery, there is only one way to get rid of unwanted body fat and that’s to burn it as fuel. 

So orthodox medical opinion will tell you that the way to burn body fat as fuel is to restrict what you take in as fuel through your mouth. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But is it true? Hmm… that’s more tricky… let’s look at the evidence… except there isn’t any.

Of course we can all point to a starvation situation and say “Well that’s a calorie restricted diet and these dying people are clearly not overweight…” but no one is suggesting that people that want to lose weight should commit suicide. Clearly that would be pointless. So what’s the evidence that calorie restricted diet activates fat burning in the human body? As far as I can discover, none, nix, nada.

Where’s my evidence that my diet, be it paleo or Whole30 burns fat as fuel in my body. It’s here:

My ketostix from today. The more purple it is, the more fat is being burnt for fuel in my body. I don’t calorie restrict. I eat as much as I want and I am still burning off my unwanted body fat. In my experience, losing unwanted body fat is nothing about how much you eat, it’s all about what you eat. 


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