If you are a man and you need another reason… Here it is 

Research presented at the Europen Obesity Summit (yes, we now have them) suggests that abdominal adiposity, or a beer belly or rather a carbohydrate belly, is a significant indicator for prostate cancer. Something no man or partner of a man wants to experience.

(The Telegraph only lets you view a limited number of articles per week)

It really rams home the message that fat is not an inert tissue. It doesn’t just sit in the body doing nothing. It sends messages, it secretes hormones, it is part of you as much as your calf muscle or eyeball. Just the same way as you wouldn’t want an eyeball on your kneecap, you don’t want fat sitting around your middle. Insulin deposits fat around your middle and you produce insulin in response to eating carbohydrates.

Thought experiment: if; somehow, as well as depositing fat around your middle, insulin also caused you to grow an eyeball on your kneecap, would you continue to eat highly processed fast carbohydrates? 

We should cut another risk factor for developing another unpleasant disease suffered at some point by one in eight men and cut the belly fat. We will look better too. 


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