A confusion of criticism… a whirlpool of invective.

On the basis that I often point to articles that agree with my thinking and experience, I think it’s right that I also, sometimes, point to articles that don’t. 

The Guardian newspaper has been having an odd week so far. After getting excited about the latest (pretty horrific but nothing new) statistics on diabetes in th UK, it has been publishing some pretty ropey nutritional advice followed by a suggested weekly menu from the British Dietetic Association, that was advocating eating from a specific fast food restaurant chain. What’s that about? 

Then to top it off, this evening, the Guardian published this.

I don’t know what is upsetting the author, but somewhere along the way, something bad related to paleo must have happened to him. Anyway, have a read and see what you think. 

I am disappointed that he belittles the Primal Blueprint certification without knowing anything about it. Disappointed but not surprised….  maybe it’s the same journalist that got to page 3 of the SACN report on carbohydrates ( see July 22).

Never mind. There’s room on the planet for us all.    🙂 


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