Interesting Post regarding Ketosis from Mark’s Daily Apple

After approximately 13 years in almost constant ketosis (even I fall out of ketosis occasionally) I have not noticed any detrimental effects apart from that I am 13 years older than I was when I started. I suspect that may have happened anyway. Thankfully I don’t feel 13 years older 🙂

Two changes in me do make me wonder what the effects of it may be:

  • my previous, sometimes cripplingly acute, hay fever vanished almost immediately and has never returned. It has completely utterly gone and I used to get it bad!!
  • the painful, anguish inducing, acid reflux I used to get after every meal has not occurred (to the best of my memory) in 13 years.

And one change that didn’t happen was that I didn’t inherit my father’s epilepsy that appeared in him when he reached 40.

Are these three things connected with lowering systemic inflammation, an intolerance or allergy to gluten and the effect of ketosis on my brain? I don’t know. Maybe they are but in any event, my life is better with the first two and definitely without the third.


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