I don’t know where to begin… some of the worst advice I have ever read…


“So it is really important post-run to eat carbs, especially for those with a high glycemic index.” What she doesn’t say is that high GI foods spike your insulin levels, driving your body to convert excess carbohydrate into fat.

“Carbs initiate an insulin response, which in turn lowers your blood-sugar level by driving carbohydrate back into the muscles, where it is stored again as glycogen.” What she doesn’t say is that once the small glycogen stores are full, the remaining sugar is stored as fat.

“If you are away from home, don’t have any products handy or need to make a last-minute purchase from the petrol station on the way back from a long run, you can also make some educated choices to try to not impede your recovery. Avoid anything too high in fibre or fat, such as nuts or chocolate, as these can be slow to digest. Avoid anything that has a lot of mayonnaise or cheese in it, as it will have a high fat content. Baked crisps can be a source of carbohydrates, aren’t too high in fat and will deliver some salt, too. Low-fat flavoured milkshakes, or even a hot chocolate made with milk, may be an option if you don’t have the appetite for solid food.” What she is basically saying here is eat sugar. In my view, any advice that says “buy food from a petrol station” is wrong. Just think about that for a second… advice on buying food… from a PETROL STATION??

My advice is, become fat and keto adapted. Burn body fat during your run – you have thousands of calories of it even if you are slim. Escape the tyranny of the high carb/high insulin producing diet with its sugar rush and sugar crash, cravings for food and mood swings and you won’t need to eat the “food” you might find in a petrol station. You will do your levels of inflammation the world of good to. 


One comment on “I don’t know where to begin… some of the worst advice I have ever read…

  1. trilady says:

    Triple spin this morning with no ‘extra’ energy suppliments required, no energy dips, and no recovery required other than my leftover lamb lunch. It seems like the article is high on encouraging overeating on processed rubbish too. It’s not that hard to track down some real food if you need it. So frustrating.

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