3800 bits of proof that a primal diet is effective for weight management.

Modern, western adults accrete weight.  It’s simply a fact of life. The environment that we live in sticks fat to us… particularly around our middle. Eventually, that abdominal fat kills us – which is not a great outcome.

To avoid the unwelcome results of excess abdominal fat, it would seem to be a sensible idea to manage your weight within some parameters around your “ideal” weight. Maybe a couple of kilograms up and a couple down. I expect that people that make a living out of their body’s look might have tighter controls but I am talking about everyday people like you and me. So I control my weight – or rather I don’t. I let my body control my weight by providing it appropriate nutritional signals that say things like everything is all right in the world, you don’t need to store the food coming as fat, feel free to burn whatever you like. Oh and BTW we like muscle because we lift heavy things and we love available energy because we run and play and think about stuff too. So what does my body do with this information and food (food is information too)? It does this…

weight 2019

That’s about seven year’s worth of data comprising about 3800 data points showing my body managing its weight, by itself, between about +/- 2kg, simply on the basis of what I put in my mouth and the life I lead. No calories were ever counted or piece of saturated fat avoided in the making of this seven year data series. This is simply proof that a primal diet allows the body to control human adult weight by itself. 3800 objective, tamper free, repeatable bits of proof.

But why did I start recording only in 2012 when i lost my weight in 2004? Because that’s when I bought the wifi scales – d’oh! Seriously, wifi scales… if you don’t have them you need them!

So there you have it. The wiseacres of weight loss tell you that the difficult bit about weight loss is maintaining the loss over time. I say nuts to that… nuts, butter, cheese, cream and avocados with lots of mayonnaise.



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