Asparagus season! 

Asparagus season is well and truly underway and the bed is very productive this year and almost producing more than I can use but I’m finding new ways to eat it. 

I used this morning’s crop to make omelettes for breakfast. 

I boiled the asparagus first and the simply folded the spears into an omelette and added some snipped chives too. Easy. 10 minutes maximum from start to finish and it looked great IMHO. 

Next time I will add some grated cheese into the middle of the omelette to make it a little richer as I was hungry again three hours later. 

I saved the trimmings from the asparagus spears and the water it was boiled in as it will make delicious soup with the bone broth from tonight’s chicken. You’d be surprised how much flavour the spears leave behind in the water. 

Wonderful asparagus! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


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