Ribs (again)

After a brief pause as I got over the shock of Brexit, which is now being used by the food industry to try stop the sugar tax (they will try any trick to addict people to sugar as they need to replace the ones that die), 

I thought it would be worthwhile revisiting my ribs recipe as I did it at the weekend and reminded myself how good it was!

Just before anyone points it out, yes I know that the recipe has sugar in it from the home made preserve that goes in the barbeque sauce, but you don’t eat a lot and you aren’t going to eat ribs all day every day so in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. Relax 🙂 

Apart from the racks of ribs, that’s your ingredients: any home made chutney (this one was a 2013 apple and thyme) , salt, vinegar and oil (extra virgin rape seed). 

Make the sauce by whizzing up the chutney, oil and vingar in a blender to make a smooth paste that is not too runny. You will need about 100ml of oil and 50ml of vinegar but it’s a bit trial and error as it depends on your chutney. I salt the ribs well on both sides and then cover in the sauce. Cover with foil and cook quite slowly for at least 2 hours, maybe 3. When the meat is soft and starting to come away from the bone uncover and turn the heat up to a normal roasting temperature for a final hour. This will dry out the sauce a bit and brown the ribs. Check it frequently so you don’t over do it!! 

This is what they will look like before browning…

This is what they look like after…

Serve with salad from the garden and home made coleslaw, and a big stack of napkins – it’s going to be messy! 



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