January 1 2016

I am starting January 2016 in the same way that I have started every year for the past several years, with a concerted effort to strip off some body fat by doing a Whole 30. I use the autoimmune version of the plan as it seems to work best for me. I usually aim for 7lbs loss over the month. Recently however I seem to have been achieving that in 10 days so I will see how I go over the month. I really don’t want to lose any muscle so I need to watch out that I don’t over emphasise the cardio-vascular exercise over resistance.

Here are my stats from 2015. The big drop in January is a Whole 30 and the three falls in the final third of the year are 3 Whole 10s.

weight 2015


This January’s Whole 30 comes with an added bit of excitement in that on the 16th I have a ticket for a seminar on the Whole 30 by its originator, Melissa Hartwig. I am very excited about that!!


I will certainly blog about it afterwards.

So good luck with whatever resolutions you have made. If you are resolved to lose some body fat in 2016, get fitter and stronger and live a longer happier life, I wish you every success!

Stay primal in 2016!!


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