A hot breakfast.

“But what will I eat for breakfast?” Is a question I have been asked many times, although never one that has particularly bothered me, to be frank. Growing up, the only breakfast cereal that was in the house was cornflakes, which I found deeply unattractive, and I never liked milk that much either. I do remember enjoying bread and butter and the spicy Indian brinjal pickle for breakfast as a teenager. Maybe that is why I find this breakfast so enjoyable.


I take a small amount of finely diced onion or shallot and some grated fresh ginger and fry it off in a good fat with chilli flakes and turmeric. I rummage through the  vegetables in the fridge and see if there are any that will go in – a tomato often makes it but beans and leftover bits of peppers have made an appearance too. I then find some leftover over cooked meat, dice it small and mix it in. I have used everything you could think of steak, sausage, burger, roast pork, roast chicken. Whatever.


Then, as the contents of the pan heat up, I crack open some eggs and mix them up. I add a really good lump of butter to the pan and when it has melted, I scramble the eggs in the pan with all its contents. I season on the plate and eat it with a hot sauce. Messy but so good. Perfect after a cold early morning workout.



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