Primal Blueprint Key Concept Number 7

“Exercise is Ineffective for Weight Management”

Exercise is ineffective
Finally, some in the medical profession have put their heads above the parapet and said some things that they haven’t dared to do for a long time. My reading of what they say is this:

  • A calorie is not is calorie wherever you get it from. Different calories have different effects.
  • Sugar is sugar whatever it is packaged in or sold as.
  • The human body is designed through millions of years of evolution to store and burn fat as its primary fuel.
  • Saturated fat is not “unhealthy” but sugar in excess leads to obesity. I believe that the optimum amount of sugar in the human diet is zero.
  • If you burn fat rather than sugar you do not need to refuel during exercise. No more “gel tyranny”.
  • The medical profession and food industry know this and have been misleading us for years.

I say: teach your body to burn fat again. Stop spending money on sugar drinks and gels and use the money you save to buy butter. I like Kerrygold as the cows are fed on grass 🙂

If you have read William Banting’s 1863 “Letter on Corpulence” you will know that his doctor also prescribed exercise to help him lose weight. What happened to Mr Banting when he exercised? He got fatter!

It’s only taken us 150 years to notice the same thing… 

And here’s a link to the original article 



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