There’s more to being primal than eating primal…

Kettlebells… are they worth it?

Here’s a link to the Guardian newspaper where a reporter tried out the kettlebells in his local gym.

Fairly emphatically, he has decided that kettlebells are worth the effort and I couldn’t agree more! An all round exercise that can combine cardio-vascular, resistance, co-ordination and flexibility training with a single low-cost piece of equipment in a small space. And frankly, what could be more primal than picking up a heavy weight and swinging it round your head!

What’s not to like!

One thing that isn’t mentioned in the article is that, in my view, it’s always best to start with a qualified instructor. Kettlebells have a particular technique and developing a bad technique can be dangerous (for you and those around you!!) but almost worse than that, bad technique probably won’t produce the results you are looking for.



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